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Led by a Former World’s Strongest Competitor

Master trainer Jon Valgeir Williams, participants get to train with some of the world’s best power-lifters and strongmen.With training sessions and seminars with these awe-inspiring athletes at the world famous Jakabòl and Thor’s Power Gym.

The majority of previous attendees smash many personal bests. But it's not all brawn and sweat... this is a super tour of one of the world's most awe-inspiring countries. Here's what you can expect.

Strength Trip

What You Can Expect In The Land Of The Midnight Sun

An experience you won't forget and skills that will last you a lifetime

"Great trip for strength enthusiasts looking to check out some amazing gyms and test themselves with ancient challenges."

James Crossley

“if you are at all interested in weight lifting or training this is the equivalent of being invited by Roger Federer for a knock up on the centre court at Wimbledon."

Patrick Smith

"What a trip!!!! What more to say?! This was a trip of a lifetime for me. "

Richard Harrop

"My trip to Iceland with Jon was a trip of a lifetime. I have wanted to lift the Hùsafell stone for a long time and doing it on this tour was extra fun! ..Would recommend to any strongman/woman!"

Baz Whilehead

Iceland was always on my bucket list and with Valgeirs Strength Trips I was finally able to make it happen. I had an amazing time. I finally got my hands on some historic stones, worked out at some awesome gyms and met two WSM Legends. I highly recommend it.

Mike Christiansen

Jon V Williams

Magnus Ver Magnusson

Hafthor Björnsson

Valgeir's Strength Trip