Winter Strengthtrips Blog

The winter Strengthtrip trip to Iceland is going to be a slightly different experience. 

Due to the cold and unpredictable weather the stones can be very difficult to lift, for example: Husafells Stone 186kgs being wet or even frozen to the ground with a layer of Ice is almost impossible to lift.

However the core of the trip is going to be the same , going to Jakabòl and Thor’s power gym and the Blue lagoon.

So on the day we would have headed out to pick up legendary stones, we move to Camelot where we meet Audunn Jónsson, a multiple Icelandic champion in powerlifting. He will share with us his powerlifting secrets and tips on how to lift better. Then we go to the worlds first stone garden, a public place with stones of strength made by Magnus Ver Magnusson. 
Stone Garden

The winters have a different atmosphere, short day and long nights apposed to a twenty four hours of daylight in the summer. The long nights however bring the chance of the Northern lights coming out and light up the sky with stunning colours. If stones are not your thing but lifting and adventure is.. then this is the Strengthtrip for you.

Are you ready?

Stay Strong 

Jòn Valgeir Williams